Floor Solution Record Breakers

June 12, 2015

Ultra-fast floor repairCoGri Australia pulled off a company record for the prep and application of a two-coat floor coating system for one their biggest clients.

The Issue

Due to operational issues the food distribution centre works 24/7 and is one of the biggest and busiest centres of its kind in Australia.

It had an existing epoxy coating that had began to delaminate and peel off, exposing the concrete underneath, but with the constant supply of batteries feeding the distribution centre’s hundreds of fork trucks, meant the battery charge room could not be shut down for any long period of time.

The challenge

The challenge was given to CoGri Australia to come up with a solution to the 130sqm floor being further damaged by battery acid. To do this, they had just 21 hours to upgrade the floor between the last battery being fitted, to the premises being fully operational again! Given the extremely tight time frame, a product was needed that could set fast enough, yet be durable enough for operational use as well as being non-slip.

They had to prep the floor, fix cracks and divots and remedy the delaminated areas. It was also essential to apply a bonding coat, plus two applications of the coating systems, whilst leaving enough time for it to set before use.

Finally, yellow chevron lines had to be applied on top of the coating, all whilst being done through the night to meet the very tight schedule.

The Solution

To meet the challenge CoGri used an industrial grade, polyurea based roll on coating system. With very good chemical resistance and a high gloss finish with ultra-fast curing properties, it was the ideal floor solution.

To save valuable time, it was decided to leave the existing coating in place where it was stable. Where the coating was delaminated it would be removed, and any cracks and divots would be repaired using RapidMender™.

A bonding agent would then be applied to the existing coating, and the delaminated areas would be removed via grinding and shot blasting, then blended into the existing coating.

The Result

Work started at 9pm that evening with the final coat of yellow chevron lines applied at 1pm the following afternoon.

The floor had been totally fixed, transformed and looked brand new. The surface was able to deal with the spillage of battery acid, and importantly the areas were in full operation again by 6pm that evening.

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